Knowledge and Data Engineering
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Burgos, Daniel: What is wrong with the IMS Learning Design specification? Constraints And Recommendations
Doost, Ahmad Salim and Melis, Erica: Student Model Adjustment Through Random-Restart Hill Climbing
Godoy, Daniela: On the Role of Social Tags in Filtering Interesting Resources from Folksonomies
Heckmann, Dominikus: User Models meet Digital Object Memories in the Internet of Things
Kawase, Ricardo and Papadakis, George and Herder, Eelco: How Predictable Are You? A Comparison of Prediction Algorithms for Web Page Revisitation
Pan, Rong and Xu, Guandong and Dolog, Peter: A User Group Clustering Approach in Tagging Systems
Reinhardt, Wolfgang and Varlemann, Tobias and Moi, Matthias and Wilke, Adrian: Modeling, obtaining and storing data from social media tools with Artefact-Actor-Networks
Romero, Vicente and Burgos, Daniel: Meta-rules: Improving Adaptation in Recommendation Systems
Schreiber, Daniel: Social IPTV: a Survey on Chances and User-Acceptance
Uzun, Abdulbaki and Räck, Christian: Using a Semantic Multidimensional Approach to create a Contextual Recommender System


Abdulmutalib, Najeeb and Fuhr, Norbert: Language Models, Smoothing, and IDF Weighting
Azzam, Hany and Roelleke, Thomas: An Attribute-based Model for Semantic Retrieval
Blank, Daniel and Henrich, Andreas: Binary Histograms for Resource Selection in Peer-to-Peer Media Retrieval
Ernst-Gerlach, Andrea and Fuhr, Norbert: Benutzerorientiertes Dokumenten-Clustering durch die Verwendung einer Anfragemenge
Ernst-Gerlach, Andrea and Fuhr, Norbert: Semiautomatische Konstruktion von Trainingsdaten für die Suche in historischen Dokumenten
Gey, Fredric and Kando, Noriko and Larson, Ray: An Evaluation of Geographic and Temporal Search
Hub, Adrian and Henrich, Andreas: Image Retrieval on Mobile Devices
Lommatzsch, Andreas and Ploch, Danuta and Luca, Ernesto William De and Albayrak, Sahin: Named Entity Disambiguation for German News Articles
Schaer, Philipp and Mayr, Philipp and Mutschke, Peter: Implications of Inter-Rater Agreement on a Student Information Retrieval Evaluation
Tawileh, Wissam and Mandl, Thomas and Griesbaum, Joachim: Evaluation of five web search engines in Arabic language´
Zellhoefer, David and Schmitt, Ingo: Ein Polyrepräsentatives Anfrageverfahren für das Multimedia Retrieval


Ahmadi, Babak and Kersting, Kristian and Hadiji, Fabian: Lifted Conditioning for Pairwise Marginals and Beyond
Al-Kouz, Akram and Luca, Ernesto William De and Clausen, Jan and Albayrak, Sahin: The Smart-TSH-Finder: Crawling and Analyzing Tempo-Spatial Hotspots in Second Life
Bockermann, Christian and Jungermann, Felix: Stream-based Community Discovery via Relational Hypergraph Factorization on Evolving Networks
Boley, Mario and Horvath, Tamas and Poigne, Axel and Wrobel, Stefan: Listing closed sets of strongly accessible set systems with applications to data
Busche, Andre and Krohn-Grimberghe, Artus and Schmidt-Thieme, Lars: Mining Music Playlogs for Next Song Recommendations
Cheng, Weiwei and Dembczynski, Krzysztof and Hüllermeier, Eyke: Graded Multilabel Classification: The Ordinal Case
Eichler, Kathrin and Neumann, Günter: Bootstrapping Noun Groups Using Closed-Class Elements Only
Fricke, Peter and Jungermann, Felix and Morik, Katharina and Piatkowski, Nico and Spinczyk, Olaf and Stolpe, Marco: Towards Adjusting Mobile Devices to User's Behaviour
Friesen, Natalja and Rueping, Stefan: Workflow Analysis using Graph Kernels
Gohr, André and Spiliopoulou, Myra and Hinneburg, Alexander: Visually summarizing the Evolution of Documents under a Social Tag
Hahmann, Martin and Habich, Dirk and Thiele, Maik and Lehner, Wolfgang: One Clustering Process Fits All - A Visually Guided Ensemble Approach
Horvath, Tamas and Ramon, Jan: Efficient frequent connected subgraph mining in graphs of bounded tree-width
Iqbal, Aftab and Karnstedt, Marcel: On the Need of Graph Support for Developer Identification in Software Repositories
Janssen, Frederik and Fürnkranz, Johannes: Separate-and-conquer Regression
Jawad, Ahmed and Kersting, Kristian: Kernelized Map Matching for noisy trajectories
Kersting, Kristian and Wahabzada, Mirwaes and Thurau, Christian and Bauckhage, Christian: Convex NMF on Non-Convex Massiv Data
Klan, Daniel and Rohe, Thomas: Quantitatives Frequent-Pattern Mining über Datenströmen
Krohn-Grimberghe, Artus and Nanopoulos, Alexandros and Schmidt-Thieme, Lars: A Novel Multidimensional Framework for Evaluating Recommender Systems
Mencía, Eneldo Loza: An Evaluation of Multilabel Classification for the Automatic Annotation of Texts
Pölitz, Christian: Pattern Mining in Sparse Temporal Domains, an Interpolation Approach
Rueping, Stefan: SVM Classifier Estimation from Group Probabilities
Schowe, Benjamin and Morik, Katharina: Fast-Ensembles of Minimum Redundancy Feature Selection
Schult, Rene and Kurbjuhn, Bastian: Potenzial des Data Mining für Ressourcenoptimierung mobiler Geräte im Krankenhaus
Sulzmann, Jan-Nikolas and Fürnkranz, Johannes: Probability Estimation and Aggregation for Rule Learning
Toepfer, Martin and Kluegl, Peter and Hotho, Andreas and Puppe, Frank: Conditional Random Fields For Local Adaptive Reference Extraction
Ullrich, Katrin and Stahr, Christoph and Gärtner, Thomas: Counting-based Output Prediction for Orphan Screening
Umbrich, Jürgen and Karnstedt, Marcel and Land, Sebastian: Towards Understanding the Changing Web: Mining the Dynamics of Linked-Data Sources and Entities


Freiberg, Martina and Mitlmeier, Johannes and Baumeister, Joachim and Puppe, Frank: Knowledge System Prototyping for Usability Engineering
Hatko, Reinhard and Reutelshoefer, Jochen and Baumeister, Joachim and Puppe, Frank: Modeling of Diagnostic Guideline Knowledge in Semantic Wikis
Hees, Jörn and Roth-Berghofer, Thomas and Dengel, Andreas: Linked Data Games: Simulating Human Association with Linked Data
Minor, Mirjam and Raber, Michael: Reuse of Pharmaceutical Experience on Patient-individual Formulations
Reutelshoefer, Jochen and Lemmerich, Florian and Baumeister, Joachim and Wintjes, Jorit and Haas, Lorenz: Taking OWL to Athens: Semantic Web Technology takes Ancient Greek History to Students (Resubmission)
Sauer, Christian Severin and Bach, Kerstin and Althoff, Klaus-Dieter: Integration of Linked Open Data in Case-Based Reasoning Systems
Traphoener, Ralph and Decker, Björn: Memex360 – Persönliches Wissensmanagement mit Theseus ORDO

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