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Dipl.-Math. Stephan Doerfel

  • Universität Kassel, Fachgebiet Wissensverarbeitung
  • Wilhelmshöher Allee 73
  • 34121 Kassel (Germany)
  • Raum 0445F
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Stephan Doerfel

about me

My research at Kassel University includes the investigation of scientometrics and webometrics, correlations thereof and their possible applications for recommendations and rankings. Further interests include formal concept analysis, social network analysis, and machine learning in general.
I am also a senior developer of the blue social bookmark and publication sharing system BibSonomy.



You can also find all my publications in BibSonomy.

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Information on previous courses can be found here at BibSonomy. In each term we offer several student projects in the context of the web 2.0 and of knowledge discovery.