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Data Sets

On this page we provide the data sets of some of our analyses. Please have a look at the corresponding publication for further details.

We provide regular snapshots of BibSonomy. (publication)
ECML PKDD Discovery Challenges 2008/2009
The datasets of the ECML PKDD Discovery Challenges 2008 and 2009 are now available together with the regular snapshots of BibSonomy. (publication)
We provide regular snapshots of sensor data collected with AirProbe and WideNoise. (publication)
Publication Metadata of FCA Conferences
All metadata (title and authors) of papers published at the ICCS (1993-2011), ICFCA (2003-2011), and CLA (2004-2011) conferences, including citations (title, authors, year). The data was retrieved from the conference/publisher websites and extensively cleaned and normalized (automatically and manually). See the corresponding paper for further details. Information on how to get and extract the dataset.
We provide here a collection of anonymised face-to-face contact data, collected with our social conference management system Conferator.