Workshops and Tutorials

Workshop ‚ÄúComputational Notebooks for FCA (CoNo-Concepts 2023)‚ÄĚ

Organizer: Uta Priss

Notebooks, in particular Jupyter Notebooks, are becoming increasingly popular as a means for documenting procedures, data, calculations, and findings for data science applications and teaching. In this workshop, FCA researchers will be able to present and learn about experiences with and ideas about using Jupyter Notebooks for FCA research and teaching.

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Workshop ‚ÄúPreprocessing and Scaling of Contextual Data ‚Äď PreSCoD‚ÄĚ

Organizers: Tom Hanika, Johannes Hirth, and √Āngel Mora Bonilla

In the recent years, the development of methods for scaling and cleaning data have lagged behind the general research in Formal Concept Analysis. The PresSCod workshop aims to raise awareness of this problem within the FCA community and beyond. At the same time, the workshop shall motivate researchers to devote some time to this important part of research and to develop novel theoretical and practical insights.

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Tutorial ‚ÄúConexp-Clj ‚Äď A Functional Approach to Applying Formal Concept Analysis‚ÄĚ

Organizers: Jana Fischer, Tom Hanika, Johannes Hirth

With this workshop we offer participants a low-threshold introduction to practical FCA-based data analysis with the software library conexp-clj. The tutorial is example based and different graphical and code based analysis steps are presented. Generic Conexp-Clj templates are introduced, e.g., for the computation of concepts and implications or the conceptual continuous scaling of data. These templates can later be used by the participants in their own analyses. Participants are encouraged to bring their devices to participate interactively in the tutorial.

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