Workshop “Preprocessing and Scaling of Contextual Data – PreSCoD”

Organizers: Tom Hanika, Johannes Hirth, and Ángel Mora Bonilla

One of the basic ideas of Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) is to make data analyzable using lattice structures that perfectly represent it. However, this level of faithfulness to the data requires that the used data sets are in excellent condition. For real-world data this implies, in particular, that data cleaning and data scaling steps are essential and that they carry a great effect on the analysis. These aspects, nevertheless, find little or no reference in the recent research of new FCA analysis methods. This is particularly scientifically unfortunate in view of the fact that FCA has a mature set of basic tools for designing data scaling in a formal and human-comprehensible manner.

Thus, the goal for the PreSCod workshop at ICFCA 2023 is to invite researchers to propose and present contemporary methods for preprocessing and scaling data within and for the realm of FCA. The proposed methods, techniques, and best practices shall target formal contexts, fuzzy contexts, many-valued contexts, and arbitrary data tables with the goal of deriving formal contexts. Furthermore, general methods which use the FCA tool-set in other settings are welcome as well.

The workshop is open for both theoretical and practical results and does also welcome reports on recent software implementations in this regard.

Relevant Topics (not limited to)

  • data scaling procedures and theory of
  • data preprocessing procedures and theory of
  • data cleaning procedures and theory of
  • logical scaling of data
  • formal context generation and sampling
  • measuring processes and data homomorphisms
  • scale-measures and continuous maps between data representations

Duration, Format, and Dates:

  • participants submit their research work in form of a 4-6 pages short-paper using CEUR Art Style
  • submission should be sent until 2023-05-31 via
  • the authors of accepted works will be notified on 2023-06-07
  • camera ready papers are due on 2023-06-21
  • accepted papers will be included in the supplemental proceedings (CEUR-WS) of the ICFCA2023 conference
  • the workshop shall take half-day on 2023-07-17
  • the workshop organizers give a short introductory talk for the topic
  • consecutively all accepted works will be presented via 15 minute talks
  • the workshop will be concluded by an open problem session of 45 minutes

All deadlines are 11:59 pm UTC -12h (“anywhere on Earth”).

If you have any question related to the workshop, please send an email to