Workshop “Computational Notebooks for FCA” (CoNo-Concepts 2023)

Organizer: Uta Priss

Notebooks, in particular Jupyter Notebooks, are becoming increasingly popular as a means for documenting procedures, data, calculations, and findings for data science applications and teaching. It has been speculated that computational notebooks might replace traditional scientific papers, as they present data and results in an interactive manner which readers can execute while they are reading. As a method for data analysis, FCA could utilise notebooks for directly publishing and sharing data exploration workflows, algorithms and interactive teaching materials. Notebooks even present a uniform interface for a variety of programming languages potentially allowing for code integration across languages. This workshop intends to provide a space for FCA researchers who are already using notebooks to share their experiences and for others to learn about them. The workshop will start with a short introduction into the topic, followed by contributed presentations and end with a panel discussion on future opportunities for computational notebooks for FCA.

Researchers who would like to present their FCA experiences with notebooks at the workshop are asked to prepare a notebook containing their presentation (instead of slides) and submit the link by the submission deadline. The length of the notebook should correspond to a 20 minute presentation. Ideally the linked notebook should be directly executable without requiring further installation (i.e. through one of the cloud hosting sites for notebooks). Alternatively, a link to a static, downloadable version of the notebook is also acceptable. The proceedings of the workshop will not be printed but instead consist of a website with links to the notebooks. The main criterion for acceptance is that the notebook must demonstrate an application of FCA. The website with the links to the notebooks will be sent to all participants after the submission deadline. In the unlikely event that too many notebooks are submitted, a solution will be found, for example, the presentation times could be shortened or presentations could run in parallel in several rooms.


  • Statement of intention to participate: May 1, 2023 (in the form of an email to )
  • Submission deadline: June 1 (by sending the link to the notebook to )
  • Notification of acceptance: June 8


The schedule and the links to the Notebooks of the CoNo-Concepts 2023 workshop can be found here.