Semantic Web Mining

2nd Workshop at ECML/PKDD-2002,
20 August 2002, Helsinki, Finland

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Online Proceedings

A complete Version of the Workshop Proceedings

Invited Talks

  • Machine Learning applied to Information Extraction in specific domains - an example, gene interaction extraction from bibliography in genomics, Claire Nedellec -Presentation Slides:
  • Relational Data Mining and Subgroup Discovery, Nada Lavrac

Research Papers

  • Ontology Enrichment with Texts from the WWW, A. Faatz, R. Steinmetz
  • Using Ontologies to Discover Domain-Level Web Usage Profiles, H. Dai, B. Mobasher
  • Multi-faceted Learning of Web Taxonomies, Wray Buntine and Henry Tirri

Application Papers

  • Acquisition of Web Semantics based on a Multilingual Text Mining Technique, C.H. Lee and H.C. Yang
  • An Empirical Investigation of Learning from the Semantic Web, P. Edwards, G. A. Grimnes, A. Preece - Presentation Slides:

Project Descriptions

  • Semantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals - The SemIPort Project, J. Gonzalez-Olalla, G. Stumme - Presentation Slides:
  • Basic Techniques for the Extraction and Annotation of Machine Understandable Information, M. Kunze, D. Rösner - Presentation Slides:
  • Semantic Web and Retrieval of Scientific Data Semantics, G. Soldar, D. Smith - Presentation Slides:
  • Data Fusion and Semantic Web Mining: Meta- Models of Distributed Data and Decision Fusion, V. Gorodetski, O. Karsaev, V. Samoilov - Presentation Slides:

Additional Presentation

Document categorization into large document hierarchy (Yahoo), M. Grobelnik, D. Mladenic

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