1st European Web Mining Forum

Workshop at ECML/PKDD-2003,
22 September 2003, Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Call for Papers

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Online Proceedings

A complete Version of the Workshop Proceedings

Preface of the 1. EWFM

Invited Talks

On the Deployment of Web Usage Mining, Sarabjot Singh Anand, Maurice Mulvenna and Karine Chevalier

n.n., Rayid Ghani (Accenture)

Research Paper

Mining Web sites using wrapper induction, named entities and post-processing, Georgios Sigletos, Georgios Paliouras, Constantine D. Spyropoulos, Michalis Hatzopoulos

Semantic Outlier Analysis for Sessionizing Web Logs, Jason J. Jung, Geun-Sik Jo

Construction of Web Community Directories using Document Clustering and Web Usage Mining, Dimitrios Pierrakos, Georgios Paliouras, Christos Papatheodorou, Vangelis Karkaletsis, Marios Dikaiakos

Language Models for Intelligent Search Using Multinomial PCA, Wray Buntine, Petri Myllymaki, Sami Perttu

Evaluation and Validation of Two Approaches to User Profiling, F. Esposito, G. Semeraro, S. Ferilli, M. Degemmis, N. Di Mauro, T.M.A. Basile, and P. Lops

Monitoring the Evolution of Web Usage Patterns, Steffan Baron, Myra Spiliopoulou

Beyond user clicks: an algorithm and an agent-based architecture to find out user behaviour, E. Menasalvas, S. Millán, M. Pérez, E. Hochsztain, V. Robles, O. Marbán, J. Peña, A. Tasistro

Greedy recommending is not always optimal, M. van Someren, V. Hollink and S. ten Hagen


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