When I submit an empty list, the evaluation script returns 0.0014975…

Shouldn’t it return 0?

The script doesn’t return 0 because we adopted the MAP score for addressing the restriction of the evaluation to the top 1000 names.

Firstly, consider a recommender A which recommends a relevant name at position 10 and a second relevant name at position 1000. It’s MAP score becomes (1/10 + 2/1000)/2 = 0.051.

Now consider another recommender B which only recommends one relevant name at position 10. Without adoption, it’s MAP score would be (1/10)/1=0.1.

That is, recommender B would achieve a MAP score which nearly doubles recommender A’s result, although A recommends two and B only one relevant name.

We tackled this case by virtually placing the names which a recommender fails to recommend at positions 1000+i. In case of the empty list, none of the relevant names was recommended, yielding an MAP score of (1/1001+2/1002)/2=0.001497504

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