15th Leaderboard (update)

We too are nervous due to the approaching end of the offline challenge… So please excuse us that the 15th Leaderboard was somehow buggy.

As every minute counts, I quickly list the raw (unsorted) evaluation results:

TeamUFCG	0.0155641
all your base	0.0419351
cadejo	0.035161
Context	0.0320674
disc	0.0319087
erick_oliv	0.00202396
Cibal	0.0237294
PwrInfZC	0.0130255
ibayer	0.036774
Labic	0.037668
persona-non-data	0.00429523
Prefix	0.0202982
uefs.br	0.0440161
thalesfc	0.0252773
TomFu   0.0308609

We are terribly sorry about this! Nevertheless: Keep on crunching! Meanwhile: Why not play around with the short coming name recommendation feature in Nameling: http://beta.nameling.net/name/John (look at the dynamically loaded recommendation box on the sidebar). Currently, there is a NameRank-Based recommender and a dummy recommender integrated – which one did you get? ;-)

I’m finishing the UI integration of the recommender during this and the next week – and I’m looking forward to integrate your recommendations in the system!

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